What are hostels?

Decree 110/1986, of June 18 on the organization and classification of hotels in Andalusia (BOJA No. 69, of July 15) in Chapter II (names and definitions) says:

Article 4

The hotels are classified into the following groups, types and categories:

Group First:
  • Hotels , in the following terms and categories:
    • Hotels five, four, three, two and one star.
    • Hotels-Apartments , five, four, three, two and one star.
Group Two:
  • Guest Two and a star.

Article 5

They are Hotel those establishments offering accommodation with or without other services occupy an entire building or made independent part thereof, or set of buildings with operating unit, constituting its dependencies a homogeneous whole, with entrances, elevators and stairs exclusive use and meeting the minimum technical requirements established by this regulation. In the hotels-apartments concur own common amenities of hotels with suitable facilities for the storage, processing and consumption within each unit accommodation.The qualifier “Grand Luxury” can only be used by establishments classified in five star and declared as such by the Administración.Los establishments that do not qualify from the group of Hotel will be classified as B , as the requirements of this Act and may use the designation “ Guest ” built to sign or trade name, but without excuses them from the use of corresponding mark the Guest in the terms set out in Articles 51 and 52 of this Decree.

Article 6

Based on certain services, methods of operation or complementary facilities, the hotels may request and obtain from the Administration recognition of some kind of specialization, like seasonal, motel or road, beach, mountains, congresses, family, typical or other identification that hoteliers consider relevant or set the region.

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